Here are some examples of prompts from institutions that ask for diversity statements in their applications.

Los Rios Community College District (General Application)
As an equal opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, the Los Rios Community College District is committed to creating an inclusive and effective teaching and working environment for all. What contributions are you most proud of that exemplify your awareness and sensitivity towards promoting an inclusionary environment? What have you learned working with diverse populations?

Yuba Community College (General Application)
Include a separate sheet on which you discuss your qualifications which will enhance your ability to work with culturally diverse and/or minority groups and multi-ethnic programs (Diversity Statement).

Portland Community College (General Application)
Portland Community College is a large institution with a diverse student body. Comment on your perceptions and expectations of student diversity in the classroom and provide examples that demonstrate how your cultural competency has enhanced your effectiveness as a teacher and/or mentor. Where do you see opportunities for personal growth?

Rochester Institute of Technology (Instructional Faculty/Assistant Professor, Political Science)
The statement should provide the candidate’s ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the university’s continuing commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and individual differences. These abilities can be in reference to RIT's core values, honor code, and statement of diversity.
The diversity statement should provide the search committee with an understanding of the candidate’s capabilities as it relates to diversity and the support of underrepresented populations. The statement should allow the committee to assess this qualification on the candidate of how they can make this contribution to RIT.
These candidate’s capabilities could be expressed by providing the following:
  • experiences working with or interacting with multi-cultural populations
  • brief thoughts on diversity issues and opportunities
  • how they would support the university’s diversity goals
  • how they have infused diversity into teaching, pedagogy, research, and/ or scholarship
  • service they have done that involved diversity
  • how they have previously helped provide mentor to diverse student populations
  • how they propose to help provide mentoring to diverse student populations
  • how they can best prepare our students for careers in a global society
  • how they can best collaborate with the pluralism at RIT
The list above is not necessary an exhaustive list, but ideas to consider.

UC Santa Cruz (Assistant Professor: Molecular/Cellular/Developmental Biology)
Applicants are invited to submit a statement addressing their contributions to diversity through research, teaching, and/or service.

UC San Diego (Full/Associate Professor: Elizabethan/Early Modern Literature)
Submit a personal statement summarizing contributions to diversity and leadership. Contribution to diversity statements could include an attention to diverse learning needs, engaging learning fields of diverse communities, pedagogical methods that address learning needs of students from diverse backgrounds, awareness of inequities in education and research, track record of specific activities that address and mitigate inequities, follow-up of positive impact on under-represented students, and specific plan of activities and follow-up at UCSD.

UC San Diego (Assistant Professor: Economics)
Applicants are asked to summarize in a personal statement any past experience and leadership in equity and diversity or their potential to make contributions in this area (for further information about contributions to diversity statements, see//